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Welcome to my website, which is an invitation to see how I work. If this is a crossroads times for you, whether relational or vocational conflicts, creative blocks, depression or anxiety you may be experiencing many feelings.  I focus on providing safety and support for you to gain insight into these thoughts and emotions. Weekly meetings can produce change and help you clarify meaningful ways of moving through a particular event, situation or crisis, or perhaps to travel more creatively, and productively, into the next phase of your life. Also a writer, my work grows from my love for mythology and depth psychology.  I believe telling your story can be a powerful way to explore the mythic themes of family dynamics, unconscious desires, personal struggle, and cultural meaning.

He or she "who comes to us has a story that is not told, and which as a rule no one knows of. To my mind, therapy only really begins after the investigation of the wholly personal story." - C. G. Jung  


    When I lost my home in a California wildfire, shock scorched my soul. Arriving the morning after the flames swept through I found the beautiful wilderness blackened and charred, stretching into the distance like a felled elephant, gray and unmoving. The air was thick with the smoke of dismembered cells rising from last embers. Around me every detail of our lives, dissolved by the hot storm, drifted in…

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About Jacqui

I was born and raised in New Zealand. I completed a degree in fine arts before arriving in America as a young woman and beginning my first career as a screenwriter. During these 25 years of working in the film industry I wrote many projects requiring research and interviews into a person’s life. No matter whether fictional or biographical, creating a story that conveyed character, meaning, and drama was my…

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Jungian Therapy Online

JUNGIAN THERAPY ONLINE – Recent years have seen a growth in telehealth. I have found teletherapy, using Skype, to be open and effective. A safe container can be established, allowing for the expression of your needs and work. This can be extremely useful when external factors such as scheduling, or illness, come between you and your well-being. Connect with Jacqui via Skype (Skype must first be downloaded to your computer…

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